Wire Transfer 

We accept only IBAN transfers and transfers from UK banks

Bitcoin is a digital currency.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, we offer the option of paying using the most widely used and secure cryptocurrency. However, you should be aware that Bitcoins are not suitable for beginners, so if you do not already have a Bitcoin account and/or Bitcoins, this is not the right option for you.

How to Use Bitcoins to Make Payments

Bitcoins is the safest way to pay online since they are anonymous and unregulated by any financial institutions. If you already have a Bitcoin account and/or Bitcoins, you already know how to send payments; all you’ll need is our Bitcoins wallet address, which will display on the screen following the checkout page if you choose Bitcoins Payment. If you do not yet have an account and would want to pay with bitcoin to receive our 20% discount, please follow the procedures below.

Note: Bitcoin is not user-friendly for first-time users, therefore if you’ve never used it before, we highly advise you to stick to more traditional payment options like Paypal, CashApp, and Bank Transfer.


Our top goal is the protection and safety of our clients, therefore we do everything we can to ensure that none of them have any problems after placing an order with us.


We recognize that marijuana is still illegal in many countries, therefore we always use 100 percent discrete packaging to guarantee that your products arrive in perfect condition.


Extremely Wonderful! I love this dispensary. I’ve been shopping on this website for the past one year and I have never experienced a single problem, it’s just like magic. If you’ve ever lost money online, you would understand the selfless services these guys are rendering here. I love you all at Doctor Weed Arena and thanks for discount you gave me on my last purchase.

Hillis scotton
Hillis scottonSeptember 14, 2020

I was an anti-buy weed online until I stumbled on drweedarena.com and successfully completed an order with bitcoin and my entire view of buying weed online changed. I am a meticulous person and for DOCTOR WEED ARENA to pass my test, that means they are the best. I appreciate the good work you are doing here.

william Kc
william KcNovermber 10, 2020

Fast and Super delivery! The speed at which Doctor Weed Arena ships out products still baffles me, I bought an item and I got the package same day. I wonder if they are always standing by the shipping agency and waiting for orders (lol). Great services!

Cindy Milk
Cindy MilkDecember 22, 2020

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